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Exercises to Flex Your Organizing Muscles

fatclutter-4So much of getting organized is about building new habits. To maintain those habits, you have to exercise your organizing muscles regularly. Below are a few exercises to help you get into shape.

  • Build Your Muscles
    Build up your organizing muscles by picking one small area to start and staying there until that area is complete. It could be a junk drawer or a cabinet. This will help you to stay focused and keeps you from running in circles from room to room.
  • Increase Your Endurance
    Increase your endurance with repetitions of sorting, purging & categorizing. Always sort, purge and categorize first. Sort into two groups: things to keep & things to let go. Categorize the remaining items by type. Toss or donate the items you don’t need or love.
  • Feel the Burn
    Intensify your aerobic activity and feel the burn. Put on some good dance music, grab an empty laundry basket and set a timer for 10 minutes. Ready, Set, Go… through every room in your home as quickly as possible, collecting any and all clutter in your path. The key is to continue moving for the full 10 minute period.
  • Circuit Train
    Try circuit training by selecting six small organizing jobs, such as, a junk drawer or a medicine cabinet. Set your timer and give yourself 10 minutes per space. You will be amazed how fast and efficient you can be when you are under the gun to get it done! In the end, you will have six areas of the house organized within the hour.
  • Limit Your Intake
    Limit your daily intake to reduce your household weight. Every time you make a purchase, ask yourself if you need or love that item. If the answer is no, leave it at the store!
  • Flush Your System
    Create a designated area of your home for donation items and see how much you and your family can add to it each week. Make a game of trying to remove more items from your home than the amount of items you bring home.

Remember, one of the fastest ways to feel lighter is to exercise your organizing muscles by shedding pounds of clutter.  Happy New Year!

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