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Letter from the President

Tulips, lawnmowers, graduations, home sales… these are all signs that spring is here and, with it, new beginnings.

Here in our NAPO-Greater Philadelphia Chapter, we are also looking at new beginnings. May is the month that NAPO starts its new board term. Volunteers who have served the chapter over the past year have either chosen to remain in their positions, continuing to pursue their goals and enhance their knowledge of and through this incredible organization, or to move on to other equally challenging and rewarding positions.

You see, NAPO-GPC is a professional organization comprised of solo entrepreneurs who come together to serve in volunteer positions and create something akin to a very highly efficient corporation. We serve on boards and organize recycling events, we post weekly blogs and maintain a group website, we host quality educational programs and mentor new organizers, we provide speakers for area home shows and volunteers for local charities. We create annual strategic plans and work all year to actually achieve them – and we do! And we do this all for free.

Crazy right? We can’t really have sustainable businesses and still do all of this – can we? Yes, we can. And we do.

Don’t get me wrong; we’re not a bunch of martyrs. There is a method to our madness! “Volunteering” is another way of getting what we want. And, as business-owners, what do we want? – We want to learn new skills specific to our profession. We want to find out about business development techniques & technologies that can help us grow our businesses. We want the time to volunteer in our communities and make a difference. We want networking opportunities that will benefit our careers.

In our businesses, the approximate 80 professional organizers and corporate associate members that make up NAPO-GPC are out there every day in the communities of Greater Philadelphia organizing offices and homes, helping hoarders and families and business men and women to create greater order, peace and prosperity in their lives.

I am very fortunate to be a part of all of this and, as NAPO-GPC President starting my second term, I would like to thank all of the volunteers that make this organization the shining success that it is (from the blog editor who is posting this letter for me to all the members who choose to serve on the Membership, Technology, Marketing or Professional Development teams). Specifically I thank the outgoing board members who have done so much to serve this chapter: Ellen Tozzi, Jackie Mangasarian, Dan Loya, Barbara Siegel and Carla Shipman.

Next, I would like to acknowledge the new Board of Directors that will serve with me and who are already up and running: Vice President, Debbie Lillard; Past-President, Kathy Luskus; Secretary, Naomi Cook; Treasurer, Emily Anderson; Communications & Technology Director, Gabrielle Watters-Smith; Marketing Director, Darla Pompilio; Membership Director, Annie Amoon Richard; and Professional Development Director, Rachel Gambone.

2014-15 NAPO-GPC Board









Finally, I am going to take a brazen and shameless moment to claim bragging rights as one of our NAPO-GPC members becomes President-Elect of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Congratulations to our very own Ellen Faye!

Ellen Faye







I look forward to another year of education, community, achievement and fun with this amazing group of professionals!

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