Author: Anna SicalidesGeneral x dresslands Backless Dress x dresslands Backless Dress – Open Back Cream Long Sleeves

This women’s x open back cream backless long sleeves dress is the perfect piece to build a maternity wardrobe! The design allows the trouser to sit at your hips, directly under that adorable baby bump, while pant itself continues in a stretch material that slides over the baby and rests at the rib cage area. The pant legs are designed to end just above the ankle, and have small zipper accents to add to the casual look. Paired with a casual top and comfortable shoe, these pants offer a classic look that addresses the needs of the mom-to-be.
The details of this x dresslands open back cream backless long sleeves dress are:
• pleating to waist
• zip detailing to ankles
• elasticated waist to reverse
• designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy

Author: Anna SicalidesGeneral

Napo-Gpc x DressLands Jersey Dress

Napo-Gpc x DressLands Jersey Dress- Cracked Gold Foil Print/ Long Sleeves

At first glance, this Napo-Gpc x Dresslands dress looks like a two piece skirt and blouse set. However, it is one beautiful dress just waiting to complete your evening wear wardrobe. The lightweight stretch fabric from which our jersey dress was created, is soft, supple and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The cracked gold foil print catches the light and shimmers as the wearer walks. This dress features a blouson bodice and has a dropped waist that has been elasticized for comfort. The bodice has a rounded neckline, and a graceful scooped back to add a stylish element to the reverse side of the dress. This dress has straight cut long sleeves for a sophisticated look. The skirt portion of the dress is straight, fitted and has a length that hits approximately 2” above the knee. This Napo-Gpc x dress features long sleeves that are tailored for a comfortable fit. We offer this beautiful jersey dress for purchase in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Author: Barb BermanHome Organizing Small Spaces

5 Organizing Tips for Living in a Small Space

Is it possible to live in a small area?  You bet it is!

Most of us know people living in small houses or apartments, going to college and living in a dorm for the first time, or moving from a big home to a smaller one.  Even if you don’t, you may have experienced one of these situations yourself at some point. Down-size, right-size or re-size – there are plenty of options for small spaces.  No challenge is too small or too big.  Here are 5 tips to make your space shine.

1.  Divide and conquer.  Small spaces must service many needs.  Decide what you need and where to locate it and then use furniture, rugs, and other creative items to divide the space.

2.  Create storage solutions.  Shelves, milk crates, or foldable colored bins are a great way to store and add color to any room.

3.  Identify other areas that may have possibilities.  Hang items over doors, on the back of doors, in closets, or even on the wall by using Command Strips.  Command strips make for quick and easy solutions, and they don’t damage the wall space.

4.  Design your own shelf appeal.  Think vertical space.  Add wall shelves like you would a wall paper boarder – store books, pictures, trinkets, and even baskets high.

5.  Use hide-away options.  Raise your bed ( and store underneath.  Smart options include bins or old drawers from old dressers – add four canister wheels for ease of sliding.  Store clothes in bins or plastic bags for seasonal solutions.  Add a dryer sheet for freshness.

Just think, when living in a smaller area, you will have less to take care of and more time to do what you want to do!

Author: Ellen FayeDigital Apps Productivity Time Management

My Four Favorite Productivity Tech Tools

When I think about what makes me most productive I think about technology. When you use technology well it really does make things better.  Below I introduce you to my favorite tech-tools.  Consider how using these tools can make things easier for you:


Imagine 1000 sticky notes that are organized and available at the click of a mouse.  Meet Evernote.  Evernote is a cloud based application that can be accessed from just about anywhere – your PC, your Mac, your iPhone, your iPad and/or your Android phone.  And it’s FREE!  Go to and download it.  Play with it.  Basically, all you need to know to get started is that you make a note – give it a title and Evernote saves it.  Then when you want to find it you can search on any word in the note and it will pull it up for you.  Later, when you get more comfortable with it, you can take pictures into your notes, cut and paste links and photos into your notes, and even do voice to text input.  Here are some ideas about how I use mine:

  • Favorite lists:  books to read, restaurants to go to (each city has its own note), wines to try, nail polish colors I like
  • Numbers: Frequent Flyer Numbers, Insurance numbers, Clothing/Shoe sizes my kids wear
  • Maps: Pictures of how to get from point to point
  • Things to Buy: Pictures of my odd size light bulb for my desk or the humidifier filter I only have to buy once a year
  • Lists of names: friend’s kids/ grandkids/ husbands names, etc.


  • I can color code it and see exactly what’s happening when.
  • I can share certain sub-calendars with family members and professional colleagues so everyone knows what’s going on when.
  • It’s in the cloud – I can’t lose it and I can EASILY access it from my desktop, laptop, Android phone, iPad as well as my son’s iPhone. And in the event that I don’t have access to one of my devices, I can EASILY access it from any of your devices too!
  • I can print out hard copies for others to reference.
  • I don’t need multiple calendars which means as long as I remember to check it, I never miss an appointment or double book myself.
  • It’s free and safe and easy to learn and use.


In the olden days of computing there was a quick little function key to capture what was on the screen – whatever you saw on your computer you could print or copy.  In the last few years someone realized how helpful that was and gave us a new way to capture what we see on the screen as a picture. There are a few programs that do this. For the PC, Microsoft offers the Snipping Tool, for Mac you can snip by selecting Command + Shift + 4. Many other Screenshot Software Programs exist, and with a quick Google search you can find one to match your computer. But how does it save you time? Here is how I use my Snipping Tool:

  • When writing an email I often find I can explain what I’m trying to say much faster with a picture. I can write a bit, snip a bit, write a bit, snip a bit – and get my message across clearly and simply.
  • If there is something on screen that I want to remember, I can take a snip and drop it right into an Evernote. I recently took a snip of a map from the train exit to a client’s apartment. Now I don’t have to worry about a map – I get off the train, pull up my Evernote and have directions how to walk to her house.
  • If I’m writing instructions or a how-to for a client, a quick snip helps communicate next steps.
  • If I’m suggesting certain products for a client, a snip along with the link makes the suggestions more tangible.

A screen capture tool is one of those things that you wouldn’t miss if you didn’t use, but once you have it you wouldn’t want to ever live without.


Have you ever considered an electronic task list?  I use Toodledo, though there are many other products “out-there” that my colleagues really like too.  Here is why I like Toodledo:

  • It’s a cloud-based tool that I can use to capture tasks immediately – I always have my list with me!
  • It mirrors my manual system, so I only have to think one way
  • It sort to-dos by priority and/or due date
  • I can make detailed notes in the task
  • It can be viewed on my desk-top, laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android phone
  • It has a great repeating function
  • I can set reminders.

Now, I know you are thinking it sounds complex, but I’ll let you in on a little secret – I only use its most basic features and it works really well for me.  Also – I don’t use this exclusively – I still keep a manual to-do list. But, for the reasons listed above I find it to be a tremendous help in ensuring my most important work gets done – and just like you – getting it all done is a challenge.

WARNING: DON’T TRY THESE ALL AT ONCE! Pick one and try it on.  See if it fits.  Once you’ve integrated it into your life, try another.

Author: Kelly GalfandGoal Setting Productivity

Chart Your Own Map to Discovery

October twelfth marks Christopher Columbus’ birthday. He set out to discover new Trade Routes to Asia, but ended up in the Caribbean. Roadblocks and mistakes diverted his initial path and his journey took longer than expected. He kept going – always moving forward – closer to his target (even when his target changed). This concept of forward momentum is very important in life – so is setting goals. Goals provide motivation. Motivation keeps us taking steps.

If we use Columbus’ journey as our Goal Setting Road Map we learn to:

  • allow ourselves to chart new territory
  • be okay with changing directions
  • have an end goal in mind
  • re-evaluate and adapt along our journey
  • surround ourselves with supporters and tune-out naysayers
  • recognize when we’ve reached a successful stopping point
  • celebrate our discoveries

Take organizational goals: Sometimes your goal is to reclaim space in a spare bedroom. You think the only way to achieve that is to empty the whole room and start from scratch. But, as you work, you realize it’s actually the corner where the bills get paid that mucks up the process. You notice that entering the room facing the ironing board is depressing; small shifts in orienting stuff can make a huge difference. Or let’s say you are overwhelmed with family photos and you want to ‘organize them.’ Your first goal might be to store them in photo safe boxes. Along the way you decide to scan a portion and preserve them electronically as a screen-saver montage. While sorting sentimental batches you get caught up reconnecting with family. That’s okay if you stick with the goal of getting the photos organized and continue to weed out the unnecessary shots. As long as you do something with the photos you want to save, you are still moving forward.

In setting goals, you will have to plan a route to achieve success.

You will want to find like-minded travelers along the road.

When you get stuck, don’t get discouraged… stay focused and keep your eyes on the horizon.

Amaze yourself with what you discover!

Author: Danielle OBrienClothing Wardrobe Management

Clothes Closets

I have the wonderful job of helping women in their homes. One of my favorite areas to organize is their clothes closet. My clients usually start out by saying “I have three different sizes in there somewhere and I don’t know what to do”. I say “keep them”. We are women, our weight is supposed to fluctuate! Everyone has a pair of skinny jeans AND those oh so comfortable loosey-gooseys.

What you DO need to donate are those clothes that are out of style, but they say “what’s in style. I don’t know what to wear”. Well here’s an idea…when you are reading your favorite magazines scan the models. Are they wearing shoulder pads and pleats? If they are wearing any clothes that resemble some of the pieces in your closet, tear the page out, tape the picture on the inside of your closet door and copy the look.

Also what you need to donate are all the clothes in your room that have been in the “to mend” bin for the last two years. Chances are you are not going to mend them. Let them go! Stains? Did you say your clothes are stained? I have clients who want to create a big laundry pile so that when I leave they can soak, rub, and scrub the stains. When I come back the following week, there they are still in the laundry basket waiting. Let them go too!

Fill your closet with items that you love. Pants that are perfect for your body type. Shirts that are soft and comfortable. Nice pajamas, not your husband’s t- shirts and your old sweatpants. I know that the clothes in your donation bag cost a lot of money but they are also taking up room in your closet and making you frustrated every time you open the door. Someone somewhere is going to love the items you passed on.