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5 Organizing Tips for Living in a Small Space

Is it possible to live in a small area?  You bet it is!

Most of us know people living in small houses or apartments, going to college and living in a dorm for the first time, or moving from a big home to a smaller one.  Even if you don’t, you may have experienced one of these situations yourself at some point. Down-size, right-size or re-size – there are plenty of options for small spaces.  No challenge is too small or too big.  Here are 5 tips to make your space shine.

1.  Divide and conquer.  Small spaces must service many needs.  Decide what you need and where to locate it and then use furniture, rugs, and other creative items to divide the space.

2.  Create storage solutions.  Shelves, milk crates, or foldable colored bins are a great way to store and add color to any room.

3.  Identify other areas that may have possibilities.  Hang items over doors, on the back of doors, in closets, or even on the wall by using Command Strips.  Command strips make for quick and easy solutions, and they don’t damage the wall space.

4.  Design your own shelf appeal.  Think vertical space.  Add wall shelves like you would a wall paper boarder – store books, pictures, trinkets, and even baskets high.

5.  Use hide-away options.  Raise your bed ( and store underneath.  Smart options include bins or old drawers from old dressers – add four canister wheels for ease of sliding.  Store clothes in bins or plastic bags for seasonal solutions.  Add a dryer sheet for freshness.

Just think, when living in a smaller area, you will have less to take care of and more time to do what you want to do!

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  1. What do you recommend for the space above your desk? I’d think shelving would be a good option here. Anything else? I LOVE bed risers! We use them in both the bedrooms and they are super for additional storage space under the bed.

  2. Wow! This sounds really creative. These ideas are really creative to get extra storage space.
    I have large space that can be rented as storage units to others and even these ideas can be used there. This is like fully managed and beautiful!

  3. Grant F says:

    Talk about maximizing space under the bed! That’s clearly a nice idea to make the most of a small room.

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