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Photos from 2023 Winter Social

Please visit our Events tab under News & Events to check out some great photos and a summary of our 2023 Winter Social held in Devon!

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GPC is June’s Chapter Spotlight

Our chapter was chosen by NAPO National to be the NAPO Chapter Spotlight on the members-only portion of its website for June 2023. Tom Harper, our newly inducted Board President, had the pleasure of sharing more about GPC, and this is what he shared:

Here to share about NAPO Greater Philadelphia is current President @Tom Harper!

Tell us about yourself: “I am the newly inducted president of NAPO-GPC, after serving as our chapter’s Director of Professional Development. I ran unopposed. It’s either because I impressed everyone with my amazing lack of experience, or because I missed a meeting and was justly “voluntold”; I’m not sure which. I think I’ll stick around, though, given the great people and, of course, the wonderful perks (e.g., no one else can read the anti-trust policy but me).”

What makes your chapter special? “Well, it could be the fact that we fully support one another professionally and personally, without any hint of ego or competitiveness. Then again, it could be the familial bonds that have been developed among all members, both veteran and new. Or it could be that we have the kindest, hardest-working, most caring, and best-looking members around. I’ll say all of the above.”

Are there any star volunteers you’d like to shine a light on? “I could pick any one of the nearly 50 chapter members we have, quite frankly, because they are all stars in their own right. Actually, I’m defying convention and picking the entire chapter (and not just to be self-serving because I could use a couple more stars on our Board). I’m a die-hard sports fan, and I believe it takes a full team effort to make any success happen. The Greater Philadelphia Chapter is successful because of its truly special, very dedicated members who want to see the chapter grow and thrive. I’m humbled to be president of this chapter – even if I have no idea how I got elected.”

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your wit and enthusiasm about NAPO Greater Philadelphia, and especially for your leadership and contributions to NAPO!

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