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Don’t Put Off Handling Procrastination!

First of all, know when you’re not procrastinating, as these first three strategies address: Continue reading

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Embrace The Power of “NOW”

These past few weeks, I have been grappling with a kind of spiritual awareness which continues to unearth and challenge the way I perceive life. I find myself reflecting on the way I think and feel, and also upon the … Continue reading

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What time is it???

Yikes!!! It’s happening again. I’m not sure where this day is going. I’ve been up since 5:45am, but by the time I hit my actual work there is never enough time to actually finish. I should know better – people … Continue reading

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A client and I were talking last week about the “hazards” of having too much storage space.  If there is room to store items you may or may not use in the future, the decision to keep or discard can … Continue reading

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Finding it Hard to Get Started on That Project?

Everyone procrastinates sometimes. It only becomes problematic when procrastination is the norm. Continue reading

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