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6 Spaces to Organize When You Move In

You are moving into a new home. Whether larger or smaller than your last, it’s an opportunity to get organized – right from the start! Here are 6 spaces to set up when you move in so you can get and stay organized: Continue reading

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Relocation Stress Syndrome and You

Yes, there really is such a thing as Relocation Stress Syndrome! Relocation Stress Syndrome, or RSS, was approved as a formal diagnosis in the early 1990’s. (And here you were thinking that everyone else must be so much better at … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

Relocation is one of those infamously “stressful” times of our lives. Even those of us who are veterans will admit to the fact that the sheer amount of facets that need to be managed during a move adds some level … Continue reading

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Getting Your Home Ready for Open House

Tips for getting your home ready for OPEN HOUSE! After the holiday rush is over and you’ve carefully packed your holiday decorations away, you may want to prepare now for spring. Spring, of course, is the perfect time to put … Continue reading

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JumpStart Your Move

Spring is an ideal time to put your house on the market or you may be buying a new home. Moving, downsizing or relocating can be stressful. Here are some tips to help you get ready for a move: Continue reading

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A client and I were talking last week about the “hazards” of having too much storage space.  If there is room to store items you may or may not use in the future, the decision to keep or discard can … Continue reading

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