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How Evernote Changed My Life (And How It Can Change Yours)

My Evernote conversion occurred about five years ago. Stuffed in the back of my junk drawer (yes, I also have one) for several years, lay a handwritten recipe for the best maple balsamic salad dressing obtained from a restaurant in … Continue reading

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Do I have any Treasures?

People often wonder about the possible value of items they have accumulated over many years. These items are often viewed as “treasures” which may have significant resale value. Finding the “treasures” among their possessions often surfaces when: Organizing or reorganizing Clearing space in … Continue reading

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“Are we having fun yet?” – Tips for Planning a Relaxing Family Vacation

Many of us look forward to family vacations. We picture fun, care-free days in the sun or in the mountains where everyone is getting along, playing board games, and there are no cell phones or electronic devices in sight.  For … Continue reading

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Decide Your Legacy: Downsize & Declutter Sentimental STUFF

The process of down-sizing and figuring out what to keep, sell, throw away or give away is daunting. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to devote to this task. But most of us will want to – or need to – move at some point in our future, and it’s better to begin the process of reducing our “stuff” now. Continue reading

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Downsizing for Seniors – A Survival Guide

Often your parents have lived in the same house for 50+ years; so this may also be the house you grew up in. Many baby boomers have been trying for years to get their parents to reduce their possessions, especially if they pose safety hazards. Continue reading

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JumpStart your Photo Organizing

Photo organizing is the “someday” project that you never quite get around to doing. Here are a few easy ways to get through the organizing process quickly and easily. Continue reading

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