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Do Organizers Practice What They Preach?

If you’ve ever wondered, do organizers really practice what they preach? I am here to say, YES! In my case, I follow 4 basic rules*: 1. Decide where things live 2. Return items to their “home” 3. Follow In One/Out … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Indoor Activity?

Brrrr…it’s cold in most of the country. We spend more time indoors. What’s your favorite indoor activity? I bet reading immediately sprang to mind! Is your book collection organized so you can find just the right book you’re in the … Continue reading

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Do I have any Treasures?

People often wonder about the possible value of items they have accumulated over many years. These items are often viewed as “treasures” which may have significant resale value. Finding the “treasures” among their possessions often surfaces when: Organizing or reorganizing Clearing space in … Continue reading

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Containing Your Creativity

Do you enjoy spending an afternoon crafting (otherwise lovingly known to me and my friends as a Crafternoon)? Do your materials and supplies seem to multiply like Gremlins? Do you buy more supplies because you can’t find the ones that … Continue reading

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I had the privilege of speaking with a 2nd generation auctioneer yesterday, and I want to share the information I learned with you. The premise of the call was to help professional organizers learn what does, and does not have … Continue reading

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Sorting out your parents’ estate

“I’m cleaning out my parents’ home and coming across lots of items with sentimental value, how do I decide what to keep?” A friend asked me this question recently. Like so many of us will do in our middle years, she’s … Continue reading

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