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Becoming Organized: The Case of the Missing Slippers

If being organized is not how you were raised but you’ve started to become more orderly, you may already know: it takes time getting used to “being organized.” I learned this with a new client: Kim (not her real name) has … Continue reading

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The Family Closet: A Growing Trend

In some homes, guests are greeted by piles of clothing upon walking through the front door. More piles can pop up in other rooms. Typically this indicates that the family has too many clothes, poor laundry workflow processes or both. … Continue reading

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Hello Old Friend

So, I’ve been saying that a lot lately and not to who you would think. It’s been to inanimate objects! You know, the smoothie you start drinking again because you are going to give ‘that diet’ another go. Why do … Continue reading

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Jumpstart Your Back-to-School Organizing

August is the perfect time to be planning for the back-to-school transition. Here are some helpful tips. Schedule those doctor appointments. Do your kids need to see the dentist or get their eyes examined? Make those appointments and put them … Continue reading

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What Can I Do With My Wedding Dress?

Your wedding dress is the most iconic symbol of your special day. If you are like most brides, you spent weeks and maybe months picking out the perfect dress. You have gorgeous pictures of you looking your very best with … Continue reading

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This Is Not My Beautiful Life…Yet

What is it about visiting a resort or spa that is so relaxing? Why is it that our moods change dramatically? Soon after arriving we begin to unwind. Our minds no longer jump frenetically from one task to the next. … Continue reading

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