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Do I have any Treasures?

People often wonder about the possible value of items they have accumulated over many years. These items are often viewed as “treasures” which may have significant resale value. Finding the “treasures” among their possessions often surfaces when: Organizing or reorganizing Clearing space in … Continue reading

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What Can I Do With My Wedding Dress?

Your wedding dress is the most iconic symbol of your special day. If you are like most brides, you spent weeks and maybe months picking out the perfect dress. You have gorgeous pictures of you looking your very best with … Continue reading

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Personal Property “in Motion”

The process of dealing with property “in motion” brings out emotion. There are memories attached to belongings which connect us to our family, friends, and occasions throughout our lives. While the process may have emotional ups and downs, it feels good when it is complete. Learn realistic expectations for how to value your personal possessions. Continue reading

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I had the privilege of speaking with a 2nd generation auctioneer yesterday, and I want to share the information I learned with you. The premise of the call was to help professional organizers learn what does, and does not have … Continue reading

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Outgrown Kids Clothes: Save, Give or Trash?

Learn tips for handling outgrown kids clothes. Discover creative ways to preserve your child’s keepsakes. Continue reading

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