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I don’t know about you but I often think about how I can simplify my life so I can spend more time doing what I want to do. For me, living simply means that there is less stuff which means … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home

Relocation is one of those infamously “stressful” times of our lives. Even those of us who are veterans will admit to the fact that the sheer amount of facets that need to be managed during a move adds some level … Continue reading

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How to Wrap Your Mind Around Photo Organization

Are you overwhelmed just thinking about organizing your photos? You’re certainly not alone. I have clients, friends and family members who have boxes of old photos and a computer filled with a mishmash of photos. Where to begin? What to keep? … Continue reading

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How To Create Your Own Time Management Schedule

Do you struggle trying to accomplish everything you want to get done in a week? Are you always asking yourself “where does the time go?” Are you always running late for appointments? Instead of trying to keep it all organized … Continue reading

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OMG, What Do I Do First?

The first day of Fall is September 22. Work and school are back in full swing. Managing your to-dos effectively is essential to maximizing your productivity at home and work. A while ago I gave a presentation called “Stop Mumbling, … Continue reading

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Four-and-a-Half Piles of End-of-School-Year Papers

Now that it is summer, it’s time to deal with your kids’ backpack and school papers. Dive in, sort the papers into categories, and reclaim your kitchen counter from school papers that have built up all year long…so you can relax while class is NOT in session! Continue reading

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