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Personal Property “in Motion”

The process of dealing with property “in motion” brings out emotion. There are memories attached to belongings which connect us to our family, friends, and occasions throughout our lives. While the process may have emotional ups and downs, it feels good when it is complete. Learn realistic expectations for how to value your personal possessions. Continue reading

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Help! I Fear Inheriting a Mess

“How can I make my parents organize their papers? They gave me power of attorney and named me as executor, but I don’t know where anything is.” I receive phone calls like this several times each year. The caller is … Continue reading

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Sorting out your parents’ estate

“I’m cleaning out my parents’ home and coming across lots of items with sentimental value, how do I decide what to keep?” A friend asked me this question recently. Like so many of us will do in our middle years, she’s … Continue reading

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All About Executors

Chances are that you will need an executor and/or will be an executor at some point in your life. Continue reading for information pertaining to both. Continue reading

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