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OMG, What Do I Do First?

The first day of Fall is September 22. Work and school are back in full swing. Managing your to-dos effectively is essential to maximizing your productivity at home and work. A while ago I gave a presentation called “Stop Mumbling, … Continue reading

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Do You Know What’s In Your Wallet?

My aunt’s friend Lee was driving home after having dinner with The Girls. All of a sudden she realized she didn’t have her handbag! She frantically tried to remember what was in it, especially in her wallet, but her mind went blank. Panicked, Lee … Continue reading

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It is that time of year for Burst Pipes & Winter water damage! 

Vacations and time away from home are a necessary part of getting through the long winter months, but they shouldn’t become a water damage nightmare when you return. Protect your home before you leave. Continue reading

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Your Digital Data May Not Be As Safe As You Think!

September is National Preparedness Month. Save yourself the anguish of lost information and personal data. Continue reading

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Knowing Your Medical History

In July, I was in a new doctor’s office and they handed me a three page Medical History to fill out. You are kidding me right? Another pathetic Boomer moment (okay, I hate the term Baby Boomer but haven’t come … Continue reading

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It’s “National Preparedness Month”…Are Your Important Personal Documents Organized & Secure?

With “National Preparedness Month” upon us, ask yourself if your personal documents are secure. You’ve probably (hopefully) invested in an external hard drive or in cloud backup for your electronic documents. But what about original hard copies of important papers, … Continue reading

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