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How Evernote Changed My Life (And How It Can Change Yours)

My Evernote conversion occurred about five years ago. Stuffed in the back of my junk drawer (yes, I also have one) for several years, lay a handwritten recipe for the best maple balsamic salad dressing obtained from a restaurant in … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to an Organized Desktop

Follow Sherry’s advice to tidy up your desktop! Optimize your productivity while at your desk by using 3 simple steps — Assess, Store, and Remove — to keep your desktop neat and organized. Continue reading

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I Love the End of the Year!

I look at the last week of the year as a super productive week since I am not scheduled to work, and I can spend time getting myself ready for the new year. I want to be as organized as … Continue reading

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All About Executors

Chances are that you will need an executor and/or will be an executor at some point in your life. Continue reading for information pertaining to both. Continue reading

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Happy National Get Organized Month!

Whether you are making resolutions are just trying to smooth out life’s bumps in the road, get organized! You’ll be glad you did. Follow these ten organization basics to help you handle the uncertainties of life and achieve those pesky resolutions you are so adamant in keeping. Continue reading

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Eliminating email

Start today to reduce email overload. Follow these three steps toward eliminating unwanted email so you can focus on the email you do want. Continue reading

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