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Vali Heist is a Greater Philadelphia professional organizer with The Clutter Crew serving Berks and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania.
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Garages tend to become the dumping ground during the winter. But the best thing about organizing the garage is that if we do a really good job, it usually stays that way for at least a year. In reality, families … Continue reading

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Organize Your Gardening and Enjoy the Process

Finding the time and energy to garden has been a challenge for me in the past few years. Our property seems to be getting bigger or am I getting older? Regardless of the reason, I’m not willing to give up … Continue reading

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Determining The Life Cycle of Stuff Helps You Get Organized

While I was going through items in a kitchen pantry with one of my clients, she commented on how easy it was to organize in the kitchen. When I asked why, she said that if food is expired it takes … Continue reading

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The First Step to Organizing Isn’t Buying More Plastic

When people contact me asking for organizing assistance, they sometimes indicate they have tried to get organized, but didn’t get the results they wanted. In other words, short term fixes didn’t lead to long-term results. Here are three recommendations to … Continue reading

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Get Back to Basics this Year

January is National Get Organized Month and it’s also the time for making resolutions and promising to follow through on all the advice in the self-help books on your bookshelves. Stop Improving Yourself and Start Living by Robert Jean Bryant is a classic self-help book that challenges us to end the perpetual quest for improvement and instead upgrade the quality of our daily lives. Bryant also says that when you get off the treadmill of constant improvement you help yourself to the freedom of creativity, joy and well-being. Continue reading

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Happy New Year…Time to GO!

Let me be the first to wish you Happy National Get Organized Month! I saw a sign hanging in Lowe’s that said “Resolve to Declutter” and it was surrounded by a colorful array of storage containers. It’s that time of year … Continue reading

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