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Sue Frost is a Greater Philadelphia organizer with Organize My Life, Redesign My World in Wilmington, DE.
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ADHD is like your favorite fragrance, it’s a little different on everyone

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 11% of children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder annually. Does that surprise you? It seems like a low estimate to me, but I’m a certified professional organizer. The nature of … Continue reading

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Vive la Différence

The day has finally come. You arrive home from the therapist’s office to whom you and your child were referred to by the school. The diagnosis explains the challenges he has in class and with keeping up. You now have … Continue reading

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Don’t you love impromptu guests? Spring isn’t just for cleaning anymore.

As an organizer, I believe in being proactive. Nothing feels better than opening your door to unexpected guests feeling prepared. We never know what life has around the corner. To live without regrets means to open your door to opportunity now. Don’t let a disorganized house get in the way of that Carpe Diem spirit. Continue reading

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It’s Just Past Halloween So Merry Christmas!

Does your stomach clench just a little bit when you see holiday decorations popping up in stores before Halloween? Is it my imagination or do retailers rush the season just a little bit more each year? We all react differently … Continue reading

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This Is Not My Beautiful Life…Yet

What is it about visiting a resort or spa that is so relaxing? Why is it that our moods change dramatically? Soon after arriving we begin to unwind. Our minds no longer jump frenetically from one task to the next. … Continue reading

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Time Management Starts with Lifestyle Management

In terms of time management, often the goal is to try to fit more tasks into our life. Yes, we need to plan: work, meetings, errands, and time with friends and family, but we can do so joyfully. Here are some points to remember… Continue reading

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