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Kelly Galfand is a Greater Philadelphia professional organizer with Joy in Your Space in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.
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Is AUG the new BOGO or FOMO?

Have you ever heard of BOGO? What about FOMO or YOLO? These acronyms are clever and catchy: BOGO: Buy One, Get One is an advertising phrase that encourages people to purchase because of the promise of a second item…whether they need it or not. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out is a phenomenon … Continue reading

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The Real Cost of Things

As a professional organizer, I help people deal with their stuff. Some clients hire me because they have too much stuff. Others because they don’t know how to store their stuff. And still others because they want to learn how to eliminate useless stuff … Continue reading

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Shoot for “Less is More”

While I don’t personally know enough about college basketball teams to predict who will win this year’s March Madness Tournament, I do follow the excitement as my family creates detailed brackets and fans bet on their top picks. In my … Continue reading

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Slam Dunk your Way to a Spring Closet

March Madness has become an annual springboard for me to declutter. I love the NCAA’s single-elimination process as a framework for purging my wardrobe and getting my closet organized. Continue reading

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Clean Out Your Computer in 4 Easy Steps

Celebrate National Clean Out Your Computer Day with these tips to address four hot spots of digital clutter: your email, desktop, photos, and documents. Continue reading

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Ask “Where” and “Why” Before You Buy

This year, go into the holidays feeling in control of your spending, your space, and your holiday experiences. As the holidays approach, ask the questions you’ll see in this article before you make a single purchase. Continue reading

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