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Darla Pompilio is a Greater Philadelphia professional organizer with Your Tasks - Our Time, LLC in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
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Practical Packing for Travel

Learn about three practical packing techniques to help save space and reduce wrinkling. Continue reading

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Seven Steps to Organizing Your Electronic Files

Believe it or not, it only takes a few steps to get your online files organized. Below are seven steps to help you save countless hours and avoid those embarrassing situations that come from searching for lost files. Let’s get … Continue reading

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Tax Documents & the Challenge of Receipts

One of the most confusing parts of getting ready for tax time is knowing what documents you need to prepare your taxes. Basically, the documents break down into three categories:  Income statements, deductions, and receipts.   The Challenge of Receipts … Continue reading

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A Better Method for Spring Cleaning & Organizing

When it comes to spring cleaning and organizing, maintenance is a much easier solution and a tremendous time saver. Read on for some helpful tips. Continue reading

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Self Management a.k.a Time Management

Most people are dis-organized because their organizing systems don’t match their current lives. If your system is the same you used in college or when you first started working, it may be time for a change. Continue reading

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Recycling – Where and When

Recycling… wouldn’t it be lovely if all the cities, counties, boroughs and towns were all on the same recycling page?   Then we would know what, when and where to recycle.  Instead most of us walk around in a recycle fog … Continue reading

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