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Barbara Berman is a Greater Philadelphia professional organizer with BB's Clutter Solutions in Southern New Jersey.
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Organizing: What Not to Do

Yes, Believe it – There are Several “Nots”! We’ve all read books and articles about how to organize. I’ve even written many articles on what to do first, what to do second, etc. However, I’ve never written about what not … Continue reading

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Office Organizing: Gearing up for 2018

Whether your office is in your home or away from home, now is the perfect time to start getting organized for 2018. The holidays have not officially started, even though you wouldn’t know it by the decorations in some stores … Continue reading

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Five Organizing Tips for Living in a Small Space

Is it possible to live in a small area? You bet it is! Milk crate used as a purse holder Most of us know people living in small houses or apartments, going to college and living in a dorm for … Continue reading

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Whenever I do a workshop, I am invariably asked if you have to be born with an organizing gene. Although my answer to this question is no, I do think that all of us have gifts in different areas of … Continue reading

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Dear Husband, You know I love you very much. You know I want us and our family to be happy. I treasure you in my life, and I want us to always be able to work out our differences and … Continue reading

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Healthy Kitchen Makeover – Organize It

Making some simple changes can help you get the most out of your time in the kitchen. You will save time, energy, and space by keeping things where you use them. An organized kitchen will make it easier to cook at home in order to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You will save money by not making duplicate and triplicate purchases or by not eating out all the time. You’ll get more help from family members with meal preparation and clean-up because they’ll also know where things are stored. Finally, your life will be simplified, and you will be able do the things you really want to do. Continue reading

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