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Home for SaleSelling your home? Put your best foot forward from the very start!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” are words of advice often attributed to Will Rogers. If you are planning to put your house on the market, now is the time to take heed.

The Facts

Putting in the time and money before listing a house pays off – literally. The more time your home spends on the market, the more it will cost YOU. Alternatively, the quicker the sale, the more money you walk away with. See some startling statistics on the benefits of home staging on

Starting off on the right foot is worth more than you may have thought. Sure, you may be able to sell your home “as-is”, but if you are hoping to get the highest value, putting in the extra effort prior to listing it is a must.

What can you do to quickly prepare your home for sale? Here are three things to tackle.

1.     De-clutter and Clean

De-cluttering and cleaning are two different things and they BOTH need to be done. Barbara Ballinger, author of several books on real estate, architecture and remodeling, warns “Many buyers equate clutter with messiness and disrepair, and they may quickly move on to the next listing.” If you want folks to know that your home is not going to be a headache or money pit for its next owners, make it shine! I know that you use your toothbrush every day but your buyers don’t want to see it. And sure, the dryer lint gets all over the top of the dryer. You have kids – of course there is stuff around! But trust me: Clear out the clutter, put things away, store extra stuff and clean (or hire house cleaners) before the first showing.

2.     Downsize and Organize

Step it up a notch! Do you want to really make an impression that will put your home ahead of the one down the street? Downsize and organize. Your stuff may be out of sight at first glance. But the minute a closet is opened (and closets will be opened), buyers might be concerned about a lack storage space. According to, “Even if your house is clean, having things crammed in every nook is a visual turnoff.” This is the time to pack up out-of-season items and extra decor for a while. Don’t overlook the furniture in this process. The more floor space that can be shown, the larger your home will look and feel.

3.     Odors and Fragrances: Yes or No?

How your house smells makes a visceral impression on home buyers. If they walk in and it smells like Mom’s apple pie, it can help them feel “at home” and make the house more attractive. If they smell cat, dog or last night’s fried chicken, it may be a turn-off. Many people are sensitive to odors. Even scents that you love might turn them off. While your home is on the market, avoid frying food, wearing strong perfume or lotion, and using strong-smelling cooking spices. Since you may be “noseblind” to the regular smells in your home, ask a friend, neighbor or your real estate agent to give you honest feedback about any odors they smell when they enter. A few drops of cinnamon, lavender or citrus essential oil can help.

Show buyers that your home is worth the value of your asking price and they will clamor to be the next owners!




Annette Reyman

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Annette Reyman is a Greater Philadelphia professional organizer with All Right Moves, a national organizing & relocation service company.
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  1. avatar Renee Porsia says:

    Hi.. I own Sweet Digs Real Estate and I have to agree with this article. One of my biggest challenges with sellers is explaining the importance of decluttering their home and ridding the home of bad odors and smells. We all get caught up with life and things wind up getting stored in our homes and being in the home every day, we tend not notice the smells that someone who may come to visit will notice. Also, getting organized I find also organizes your life which then relieves a lot of stress in other aspects of your life.. Our homes are really the center of our lives.. everything revolves around them and so this is why I am always looking for ways to enrich my client’s lives.

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